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Los Angeles Film Negative Drum Scanning


A photograph of 4x5 negative that is about to be drum scanned

Why film negative drum scanning?

Film negative drum scanning produces the highest quality digital reproduction possible, with each image retaining its original integrity and detail when printed at maximum size

Which drum scanner do you use?

We utilize a top of the line Aztek DPL-8000 drum scanner in order to provide the ultimate in archival and exhibition quality scans

What is the process of drum scanning?

Film negatives are mounted on a circular drum through a wet-mount process that ensures that all of the detail captured within the negative is recorded

What exactly do you deliver?

All drum scans have their colors neutralized to the original exposure captured on the film–by default, we provide flat-contrast base scans in TIF format

Do you provide post-production services?

We offer advanced post-production services where we deliver a cleaned, fully color-corrected print-ready file. Pricing varies per job—please contact us for more info

Anything else?

There’s lots! Call us!



A 4x5 film negative drum scan.
4×5″ sample scanned at 4000dpi. No sharpening.
A 120mm film negative drum scan.
120mm sample scanned at 4000dpi. No sharpening.
A 35mm film negative drum scan.
35mm sample scanned at 4000dpi. No sharpening.
A 35mm film negative drum scan.
35mm sample scanned at 4000dpi. No sharpening.


Before sending in your order, we encourage you to email ladrumscanning@gmail.com or call us at 213-446-2378, so we can figure out which of our services work best for you.

We are open to all types of projects; from historical archives to single images you want printed and framed.

Turn around time is typically 3 business days, but rush jobs are available.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and in need of drum scanning services, we are happy to meet and have you drop off your negatives.

For those outside of Los Angeles, please contact us so you can mail us your negatives so that they arrive safely and securely.

Shoot film and scan good!

The drum.